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Return Policy

It is possible to arrange for replacements or exchanges. Items that have been found by us to have been damaged upon arrival (if the item was damaged as a result of your trying it on or during initial use, we are unable to exchange or refund the item). However, we are free to use our judgment in this situation and may do so if it is reasonable.

If the criteria below are met, size exchanges are feasible.

In case you need to get a refund, please retain your receipt or evidence of your purchase.

It has not been washed, worn, or used (please follow care instructions)
It was bought 7 days ago.
The item is returned with its original packaging in the same state it was when it underwent inspection and all price and clothing tags are still attached to it.
The provision of evidence of purchase.

In the event of a change of heart or buyer's regret, Active Design Wear does not provide exchanges or refunds

Before an exchange or refund is processed at our discretion, all goods being exchanged or refunded will be examined in accordance with the store's conditions.
Staining, tampering with, and wear-and-tear damage on returned items prevents exchanges or refunds from being made.

Items that have been harmed through negligence or failure to follow care guidelines will not be  exchanged or refunded, and they must be paid for by the buyer.

Within 2 days of collection or delivery, you must notify us if you need to swap an item for a different size. You then have 7 days to send the item back (No Refunds).

If the factory/supplier where you ordered the item does not have it in stock, we will offer you the choice of a refund if we are unable to replace it within 21 business days, or you are welcome to choose something else that is the same price or less (please note that this might take a little longer for the item to arrive in store if we do not have stock)

On all items that are returned or exchanged, we retain the right to impose a handling fee. We can choose to do this or not. Typically, at a cost R100 is required.

We will not be liable for any damages if you return an item without first reaching an arrangement with us.

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