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Melody Legging sale! Only R450 a pair


Once the courier has picked up your item, Active Design Wear will not be responsible for tracking your delivery. You will receive a tracking number, a monitoring link, and the courier company's contact information so that you can do this at your own discretion. 

The expense of returning an item to Melody Clothing for a refund or exchange will be on your own expense. After getting the item, you have 7 days to complete this. We can assist with object collection and return, but this is at our discretion. There will be a courier processing fee for this that will be decided by us at the time of the return using our couriers. If you return an item, it must be sent to our location, not not the closest pick up location as we won't be liable for picking up the object from a pick up location.

Free shipping on all order over R1000

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Large variety!

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